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This is an acid trip.
It’s in your head, flowing from your mouth to your lungs to your blood where it travels throughout your body and leaves you wanting more.
And he’s sitting across from you. On your Winnie the Pooh bedspread where you’re laughing so hard and watching his eyes through a cloud of smoke.
You’re breathing in and out but all you can feel are his feet pressed against yours. It’s crazy and you don’t understand.
So you ask.
“Can I kiss you?”
Because you need to understand and to understand you have to ask and you’re both secretly wanting the answer and needing to understand.
But he’s moving toward you and you’re head is spinning and the lines are joining and reforming and you still don’t understand.
Then you’re on your feet, and twirling in circles and grabbing his hands, and now he’s twirling too.
You’re laughing and crying and he’s still there.
And it’s nice because you’re feeling so crazy and he knows and he turns towards you and says, “Can I kiss you?”
Because you moved away and he didn’t understand.
So you lean forward and press your lips to his and the whole world melts away into nothing, and all you can think about are his lips on yours and yours on his. And it’s consuming you, what he is and what you are and what you could be together.
He’s on top of you, his hands sliding through your hair, down you body. Your lips are on his neck, on his cheek, on his body.
And his shirt is gone and you’re pressing yourself to his bare chest, and you can just hear his heart and it’s driving you crazy because you want yours to beat in time with his.
This is an acid trip.
Because you want more.
And you will always want more.
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joona-smiles Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2007

OMG. you rock. my pants. :]
LOL this story is so EXCELLENT!!!!!

"and you will always want more"
exactly right, fi! more more more!
hanabiCHILD Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007
omgosh ... its so good


..... why was bee in your pant....ry?
bikkie-bee Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
i want acid!
only kidding :):)
you're not a cop, are you?
oh wait, i KNOW you!!!!!
and you are NOT a cop *wink wink*
well, i have to say, i love this story. and i thinkies...that it loves me too.
seriously though...when you become like...a famous author, and have your own magazine...can i eat your ice-cream?
i think you owe it to me.
what with you having enough money to buy ice cream for the both of us.
anyways. you know how much i love this story, so goodbye.
luv bee xx
fishteller Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007   Writer
go to your own house!
and stay out of my pantry.
and my pants.
seeee you laterrrrrrrrr.
in my rooom!
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